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Daily Blog 36

I am writing this from my new iPad and wireless keyboard. I find that I enjoy this a lot more than starting up the computer. I mean, the computer is better for when I am doing more actual writing. But for wee blog updates, like this, I rather like this setup, because its so light and easy.

Recently I have been feeling sick. Bloated at random times of the month, and after I ate certain things. Like pizza. Now, I love pizza, so this breaks my heart. After speaking to folk, I have decided to try and be vegan. Now, I have been vegetarian (on or off) for the last 14 years. Meat lost it’s appeal for me a long time ago. However, if you look at any vegetarian section of a restaurant or supermarket, you will see a lot of cheese and creamy things. This sucks.

This means that I am going to have to start cooking and preparing my own food. I am a bad cook, I am lucky that I don’t burn toast all the time. I am also wanting to lose a bit of weight, so preparing more food will make a huge difference to me. I have a list of websites where I could go for ideas. My main issue is that when I am working, prepping food is the last thing I want to do.

I am just taking every day at a time. I am going to head to the supermarket to try and get what I need for the week, and hope I can stick to it. I am using My Fitness Pal, so I can keep an eye on calorie intake. Though it’s more important to be trying to get into the habit of logging what I eat. I say this, because I am a mindless eater. I eat without thinking. And hopefully, actually having to check ingredients and things will make me think before I scoff.

Hopefully it works.


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