Daily Post 31

Uch, I feel awful. 

I am so blocked up, and it feels awful. I am currently sitting on my bed, feeling sorry for myself. I always get sick around this time of year, as it is when I have to do lots of extra work, as it is the busiest time of the year. 

I have studying to do, which is a pain, but needs to be done. I have taken some medicine, and will have a few cups of tea. The good thing is, that I can stay in my room, under the covers, and I will be at a constant temperature all evening. Hopefully, if I can get work done, I can go to sleep nice and early, and feel a bit better tomorrow for work. 

I am also trying to watch what I eat, as I eat loads of crap. So tonight I had veggie burgers from Tesco, with some Violife cheese. It was pretty tasty, and probably the best veggie burgers I have got from a supermarket. I try to eat most veggie food, but I am not very strict. But that is in general, I am very good at just eating everything, and then thinking about it afterwards. 


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