Daily Blog 23

Soooo.... this was supposed to be a series of regular blogs, and that never happened. The issue is, with this blog, is that I am struggling to come up with unique post titles, so I think I may just keep my updates as 'daily blog' despite the fact that the posts may not be coming every day. And if there is something specific, then I will maybe title accordingly. Not very interesting, but that is just my thinking. I also have just realised that my 'introduction post' is 4 years out of date. So I may re-do that today. 

Since I last posted, I have become an Auntie. My brother and his girlfriend had a little boy, Carter. His middle name is Walter, which is my Dad's name, which I think is really nice. He is so tiny, and is only 1 week old. When I saw him, I just wanted to bring him home and keep him. I still don't want kids of my own, but I think I could be the fun Aunt. My friend's little girl already calls me the 'fun friend' cause I will play My Little Pony with her. Playing with toys is fine with me. 

I have also just started the second year of my IT course. I am pretty excited as this part of the course is about robotics, networks and automation. All things that happens at my work, so I am hoping to be able to link the two together, in the hopes that I will be able to understand things better. But, we will see. 


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