Daily Blog 11: Ooops

I haven't posted over the weekend at all. Which is bad, considering I was trying to push myself. The problem is that I had the Doctors on Monday, and I was honestly crapping myself. I was worrying about everything, like total panicked. 

But, it was why I left the appointment over a week from when I booked it. I knew that if I made the appointment an 'emergency', I would freak out and end up not going. But if I had time, I could take my time getting used to the idea, and take time to myself if I needed it. And, I needed it.

I went to the Doctor yesterday, and I was prescribed the same meds I used to take before. Sertraline. It helped me before, so I hope it helps take the edge of things. This breaking into tears at everything gets old very, very fast. 


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