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Dailypost: fresh start

As mentioned yesterday, I have been struggling with the whole weightloss thing. I am really lazy, so when it comes to trying to get organised, I just end up not bothering. Which is made easier, when I can make do without getting new stuff, and either impulsively buy crap or eat whatever crap is at home.

So after signing up for a fresh month of WeightWatchers online, i felt I needed something else to push me on. So today I signed up for the 30 day vegan pledge. I have been vegetarian on and off for the last 10 years, so it has been something I have been thinking about the last few years. The good thing is, that it forced me to go out and buy stuff for lunch and dinners. So I am all organised for work this week, which makes a nice change. Should save me a lot of money too.

So been good this afternoon. Had fruit after the gym, and had a spicy bean burger for my tea with boiled potatoes. The burger was very spicy, but it was nice. But I have enough to last time the rest of the week, but might need some vegan mayo or something to cool it down.

I am feeling pretty optimistic and positive right now. Giving myself the 30 days of the challenge to make or break it. That means if it all goes wrong and I am in the same place next month, I will just cancel the WeightWatchers plan. If it doesn't work, maybe I'm not in the right place yet. No harm in trying. But I need to make sure I am trying properly, and not just diving out because it is 'too hard'.


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